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Brecklagh Rattery

Based in Hertford, Herts, we breed Variegated, Masked and related markings in Russian Blue and Black. We sometimes have dumbo in our litters, however we do not breed specifically for Dumbo.
If you are specifically interested in Dumbo we recommend you approach a Dumbo breeder.
All of our rats are bred for temperament and health above all other factors. We will never breed a rat who has shown any sign of ill health or negative personality. All of our rats are bred for pet homes only. Only once health and temperament have been accounted for will we consider type or markings.
We are a strictly non-cull rattery.
Brecklagh is not a stud name, but is a registered NFRS rattery and the prefix we use to describe our rattery and the rats we breed.
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Poppy, mum of the next Brecklagh litter!

Brecklagh Rattery - enquiries@brecklagh.com - 07540 813338