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Our Adoption Policy

At Brecklagh all of our kittens are homed on a pet only basis, and any prospective owners are required to complete a kitten application form and sign a pet-only contract. Whilst this may seem a lot of work to new rat owners, it is so that we can ensure that our rats are going to be best homes possible and so that we can help you prepare for the rats as best as possible.
It is very important to us that people who home Brecklagh kittens keep in touch, not only to hear about how well they are doing but also for us to keep track of how their temperament and health progresses throughout their life. Without this contact we can never properly improve the health of our lines as we will not know what health qualities to breed for in the future.
If you are interested in having kittens from us, please fill in the brief form below. When we receive this form we will e-mail you a link to our kitten application form via e-mail. We can be quite busy so please allow a couple of days for us to get back to you, although we endeavour to respond within the day.
Please remember that we only breed the varieties we state on this website - Russian Blue and Black, in variegated and other markings, sometimes in rex and dumbo. We do not breed any other varieties such as cinnamon, agouti, or siamese (though we keep these varieties as pets), and unfortunately we do not have a constant supply of dumbos!
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Brecklagh Rattery - enquiries@brecklagh.com - 07540 813338