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Application Form

This is where you get to tell us what it is you are looking for, and let us know how you plan to care for any rats you get from us - if at any point during the form you are unsure or would like our advice, just say so and we will do our best to help you. Don't be afraid of giving the wrong answers - this form is not an interview, simply a way of telling what areas you may need our guidance with!
All elements of the form are optional and at this point in time, giving details such as your address are not obligatory, however please be aware that complete contact details will need to be shared with us before rats are homed so that we can keep in touch with you in the future so check on the rats that we give you.
Please try to give full and frank answers to all questions, as short or incomplete answers may mean we have to contact you for further information.
We look forward to receiving your application form!

Personal Details

About You

The Rats

Need assistance with this form?

Brecklagh Rattery - - 07540 813338